We get a lot of questions about the twin otter. What kind of plane is it? How much does it cost? Where can we get one? Who is the OEM? Can you help me find a twin otter for sale? We wanted to put together this ultimate twin otter guide to help answer some of your questions.

History of the Twin Otter airplane

Also referenced as otter plane, the DeHavilland Twin Otter landing gear configuration and the twin otter float plane were created…

Twin Otter specifications

For a full list of the Twin Otter specifications, please visit Viking Air, by clicking here.

Twin Otter replacement parts

If you’re looking for replacement parts (both consumables and rotables) look no further. Team JAS services over 95% of Twin Otter operators directly…

Twin Otter repairs and services (MRO)

If you’re looking for a place to repair your twin otter parts, Team JAS is your answer. We have an FAA/EASA 145 Repair Station.

Twin Otter PMA parts

Team JAS PMA’s over 500 Twin Otter parts. (Click here to see our 500th PMA announcement!)

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Twin Otter I’d like to answer:

Is the Twin Otter a sea plane?

There are many Google searches for Twin Otter Sea Plane, however, it is not technically a seaplane. The twin otter is actually a floatplane. Because it lands on floats, not on the belly of the aircraft.

For a more detailed explanation read this post: Floatplane vs Seaplane

Where can I find a Twin Otter to buy?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “Do you have a twin otter for sale?” Sometimes we do have Twin Otters available for sale – But when we don’t we’re able to push you in the right direction. We always have an operator or two that are interested in selling part of their twin otter fleet. (If you’re looking to buy a Twin Otter, please contact us!)

In addition, you can always purchase a new Viking 400 series Twin Otter.

Does Team JAS offer a Twin Otter parts support contract?


How can I find the parts needed for a Twin Otter EMMA inspection?

Look no further. Team JAS has developed a solution for your EMMA inspections. It can be a lot of work, because of that, we developed a simple form for you to fill out (Takes less than 2 minutes) that will help us determine exactly what you need.

Click here to learn more about our EMMA inspection kits.

Does Team JAS support any aircraft other than the Twin Otter?

We’re glad you asked! The answer is YES. We support our customer’s extended fleets. We also specialize in the Dash 8. Here are some recent parts we PMA’d for the Dash 8.

Is there a full list of Twin Otter PMA parts?

We’ve created a list like this for you. Click here to check it out.

Where should I buy Twin Otter parts?

Team JAS is your one stop shop. Learn more about what we offer: