🌟Team JAS is Celebrating Women of Aviation Week!✈️ Meet Zaidy C., our remarkable Sales Account Manager! With her tenured expertise and unwavering dedication, she fosters strong relationships with customers, driving growth and innovation in the aviation industry. Her passion for excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction set the standard high. Thank you, Zaidy, for your invaluable contributions to aviation and beyond! 🚀

Happy Women of Aviation Week from all of us at Team JAS Inc.! 🛫💪

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Name: Zaidy C.
Title: Sales Account Manager
What You Do at Team JAS: I sell parts and provide customers with solutions. I work closely with customers to make sure their fleets are ready to go.
Why You Chose Aviation: I didn’t, it was something where I feel it was meant for me to be at. Coming out of high school and fresh from New York to Florida, a cousin introduced me to aviation where I started as a parts receiver. As I grew from this position into an assistant, purchasing and sales, I was more involved with airplanes and customers. I had lots of fun with the challenges I encountered; every day was a learning experience.
An Inspiring Female in Your Career: My mother showed me how to become an honorable person. When I met Maria Patton who hired me at Team JAS, she showed me the way to be more successful. Her motto was always keep swimming because we just don’t know what we will find by not giving up!