✈️Celebrating Women of Aviation Week!✨ Meet Stephanie G., our Director of Human Resources! With her strategic leadership and innovative approach, she propels our team toward continuous growth and excellence. Her dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of learning is truly inspiring. Thank you, Stephanie, for your invaluable contributions to our team!

Happy Women of Aviation Week from all of us at Team JAS Inc.! 🛫💪

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Name: Stephanie G.
Title: Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development
What do you do at Team JAS?: My focus is to improve our organizational capabilities and build success through the alignment of strategy, structure, training, and people. I am also responsible for our Human Resources functions including recruitment, benefits, payroll, employee relations, and performance management.
What’s your favorite part of your job?: I enjoy supporting our people and promoting a foundation of trust, growth, and success within our company. I have a solution-based mindset, so I love finding innovative ways for our team to adapt to new challenges, improve processes, and achieve their goals.
Give us an influential or inspiring female in your career: I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by many intelligent and driven women in my life. All pour their heart in everything they do and pursue their goals with such focus and determination. I like to take pieces of their success and learn from it!