Team JAS is now offering a newly approved PMA part: Outer Door Handles. They are an amazing NON CRITICAL cost-effective alternative that will save you money and last longer!

Key Features:

More durable, non-locking design

One piece, stainless steel spindle

Improved corrosion-resistant coating

Our Outer Handles are approved for all Series Twin Otters.

Specific Details:

Crew Handle Assembly:

PMA: PDMVSC25-5-84NL OEM: VSC25-5-84F

Cargo Handle Assembly:

PMA: PDMVSC25-5-68NL OEM: VSC25-5-68

Cabin Handle Assembly:

PMA: PDMVSC25-5-100NL OEM: VSC25-5-100F

Airstair Handle Assembly:

PMA: PDMVSC25-2-116NL OEM: VSC25-2-116