Team JAS is now offering a quick turn time on nose strut repair and overhaul’s! All part numbers in the 71-300 series can be turned quicker than you realize! (See the details below)

If you have a nose strut that needs to be overhauled, now is the time to send it to Team JAS’ 145 repair station.

Here are all of the details on our 71-300-XX quick turn time program. Specific Details:

-2 week turn around or sooner

-Standard overhaul only $1500

-Not to exceed price of $70000

-1 year/ 1000 hour warranty

-Proprietary PMA Parts

-PMA Parts Discounted 25%

-All Parts in Stock

-Dual Release Available

The standard overhaul includes all labor, all seals and 100% hardware hit; additional charges apply if internal parts do not meet inspection criteria

** Worst case scenario where all new PMA internal parts are installed including major components such as the cylinder housing, nose fork assembly, piston tube and nose steering collar

Additional Information:

-Towing spools/Axle not included unless provided with unit sent in

-Free exchange- subject to availability