Manual Status List – PMA Design and Manufacturing Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
Federal Aviation Regulation 14 CFR §21.50 requires the holder of a design approval must furnish at least one set of complete Instructions for Continued Airworthiness to the owner. The holder must make these instructions available to any other person required by this chapter to comply with any of the terms of those instructions. In addition, changes to the ICA shall be made available to any person required by this chapter to comply with any of those instructions.

ICA196Engine Vibration Isolator Housing ICAC09/24/2021
PDMT5-06T5 Indicator Installation InstructionsD10/5/2016
PDM-CV106PDM700246 Check Valve ICAORIG12/22/2011
PDM-ICA106PDM3-1197 Nose Wheel ICAH4/12/2018
PDM-ICA107Shock Strut Assembly ICAE9/21/2020
PDM-ICA108PDMSC70019-15 Instructions for Continued AirworthinessORIG8/1/2016
PDM-ICA110B70902 Airstair Door AssemblyB12/08/2020
PDM-ICA0013Cargo Door Latch InstallationA7/22/2021


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