Team JAS is proud to announce two new FFA-PMA approvals that have been added to our list of over 500 PMA parts, click here to see the entire list.

Here are our two new FAA-PMA additions for the Twin Otter:

PDM3029565 Gasket

  • Eligible for installation on PT6A-27 & PT6A-34 engines
  • Replaces 3029565 for all applications

PDM71-135-3SL Non-Ski Axle

  • Eligible for installation on all Twin Otter aircraft
  • Replaces 71-135-3 for non-ski application

PDM3029565 Gasket & PDM71-135-3SL Non-Ski Axle

Please contact your sales representative, or click here to contact us to inquire about both or either of these new PMA parts.