Team JAS


Team JAS is a dedicated FAA-PMA approved manufacturing facility.

We engineer and manufacture those “hard to find” consumable parts that aircraft owners and operators use on a daily basis.
Team JAS’ PMA components are engineered, manufactured, and tested in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations Part 21.
All JAS-PMA parts are of a distinctively high quality and are fully interchangeable with their OEM equivalent.
We supply PMA's to most major airlines with Twin Otters and to the manufacture of the latest series of the Twin Otter.
Team JAS has hundreds of FAA approved PMAs in stock and ready to go! We are proud of these lists and will continue to add new parts to them!
(Current 04/18/18)


PMA Design and Manufacturing’s primary objective is to engineer and manufacture FAA approved PMA parts that meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) item specifications at a substantial savings compared to the OEM prices.


Team JAS’ quality control ensures that your PMA components are of the highest quality and are fully interchangeable with their OEM equivalents. JAS-PMA parts are engineered, manufactured and inspected according to Federal Aviation Regulations Part 21. Our on-staff DMIR’s are available to provide same-day 8130 approvals.


To deliver high quality aircraft parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications, to maintain an active inventory of our FAA approved PMA parts, and to meet our customers need for just-in-time deliveries.




MARPA is the non-profit trade association that represents                                          the Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) community.


“Lack of knowledge about PMA continues to be a major obstacle in the path to achieving PMA savings. In the view of the FAA there is no drop off in status from the OEM part to the PMA part. Both have equal standing.”