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Twin Otter Parts Support Division

Team JAS always keeps over 25,000 legacy twin otter parts in our in-house inventory stores. Among these 25,000 parts are more than 1,000 rotable parts available for exchange. Team JAS has a vast supply chain network including exclusive agreements. We work with OEMs, wholesalers and distributors. Because of this, Team JAS is able to keep costs low for our twin otter customers. We also allow schedule shipments for our customers. And work with new operators to build up their twin otter spares inventory.

Twin Otter Repairs (MRO) Division

Our 145 repair station is a Viking Air Factory Endorsed Component Center! In addition to handling the official repair/overhaul business for Viking Air, JAS also has centralized management of MRO services through our internal and external network of Repair Stations. We also have an extensive amount of Repair Processes and Parts Fabrication to control costs and reduce lead times for our customers. Innovative is the one word we would use to describe our 145 repair station.

Twin Otter Manufacturing Division

Team JAS has an exclusive line of over 450 FAA approved PMA replacement parts. Each PMA meets or exceeds OEM requirements. We are able to offer significant savings and reduced lead times over OEM’s. Also, we have technical support provided on all JAS FAA-PMA parts. Our FAA approved Quality System receives multiple audits per year by the FAA.

Team JAS History

Team JAS first launched in 1986. We have been specializing in supporting the worldwide twin otter legacy fleet since that time. In 1991 we started providing MRO services through our 145 FAA/EASA repair station. Due to lack of twin otter legacy parts availability, we decided to better support the legacy fleet by starting manufacturing FAA approved PMA parts in 1996.

Our Facility

Team JAS owns and operates a 33,000 square foot facility located in Jacksonville, FL. This facility includes ourstores inventory, shipping & receiving department, our 145 component repair station, our PMA/engineering department, sales, accounting and all management. Team JAS believes in keeping the entire team together in one facility to help us remain unified in our goal to serve the customer.

Team JAS Certifications

Our certifications page always stays current with all required certifications from the industry and the FAA. We always make sure to be up-to-date on everything related to aviation, twin otter and certifications that our customers require their sources to hold.

Team JAS operates on a high level of transparency with our customers. We keep our certifications public so we can share them quickly with our customers. If we are missing any certification forms that you believe would be beneficial to have on this page, please let us know.Team JAS is devoted to quality, and part of that is maintaining high level certifications in the aviation industry. We are dedicated to continuing to gain more credibility with our customers and their governing authorities.